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We are naturally attracted to having fulfilling relationships, enjoying good health, achieving our potential, coping with the peaks and troughs of life and being open to experience joy, intimacy and love.

Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential opportunity to explore the ways we may block the fulfillment of our potential, either by narrowing our experience of life or by making choices that are in conflict with our life aims. These blocks may appear in the form of anxiety, depression, frustration at work, or in a relationship, an inability to cope with change, eating disorders, a life crisis or illness, a sense of loss or grief, lack of self esteem, or a sense of hopelessness and isolation. People choose therapy for many reasons.


A feeling of safety, confidentiality and trust lie at the heart of good therapy. I provide an emotionally secure place to talk freely about what is worrying you and to let go of old stress through more self understanding. This process helps to increase our strength and resourcefulness to make new choices in life, and foster right relationships with more balanced living. The therapeutic relationship is an insightful and creative one which, through sensitive care, respectful listening and appropriate challenge, provides an extraordinary ground for change and growth, healing and renewal.


After a preliminary meeting with me to discuss the issues troubling you, if you wish to continue with therapy, we generally make a contract to meet for 8 weekly sessions lasting 50 minutes, and at the same time each week if possible. After that, we review progress and decide together whether to bring our sessions to an end, or perhaps continue for longer if that seems appropriate.

I first personally came across the healing benefits of psychotherapy for myself whilst struggling to come to terms with life and death issues as a newly qualified doctor in my early twenties. That kind, reflective space offered a safe crucible for self awareness, understanding, integration and healing which never left me, and certainly deeply influenced the way my personal and professional life unfolded.

I have been a practising psychotherapist for 25 years. I trained with the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, and am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I see people from many different backgrounds who are dealing with a wide variety of personal and professional issues particularly to do with loss, depression, anxiety & anger management; relationship and marital problems, work place issues, and adapting to overwhelming life changes.

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Helpful Information

If you are going through a challenging time at the moment, the advice in the leaflets below may help you to find a way to cope. Please feel free to read or download any or all of these.

[With thanks to therapist Carol Vivyan, who created and has kindly shared these information sheets.]

The Rucksack of Life Stress Self Help Phobias Self Help Depression Self Help

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